1. "You can call that, David" Coos Bay, Oregon.

    I made it to California. 

  2. Just passing through. Boise, ID.

  3. Motel life. Billings, MT


  4. Before I left for California, I was part of a short film that takes a look at what I do as a photographer and why I like abandoned dwellings. Shot and edited by Caleb Stumpfl.

  5. 25/52: The Journey. 

    Today, I embark on a journey. A journey from the plains of Fargo, North Dakota, to the sprawling metropolis of Los Angeles, CA. I’ll be stopping places along the way and taking my time. If you want to shoot or just hang out, send me a message and we can figure something out. 

  6. 24/52: Untitled

    Model: Devin Graf

  7. 23/52: Reflections

  8. 22/52: Cocktail.


  9. 21/52: Sulfur + Phosphorus

  10. 20/52: Over-Exposed & Under-Developed Pt. II